Cotton End Baptist Church

Prayer and Worship

Our worship can best be described as evangelical & charismatic in style, using a mixture of contemporary and traditional worship songs. Our services can be lively, joyful events, but we also take time to be reflective. We have all-age events, prayer events and youth events within our regular calendar (see diary and events)

At Cotton End Baptist Church, we believe in the centrality of prayer and worship in all we do. Music and singing are an important part of this, alongside reading and explaining the Scripture, celebrating communion, sharing fellowship, encouraging one another in Christ etc.
When you value someone, you want actively to demonstrate that love. At Cotton End we demonstrate our love and appreciation through our worship.
We teach worship as a way of life. The church services on a Sunday should be a climax to and a reflection of living lives seven day a week in worship to Christ. (i.e. living in total obedience, giving Jesus all the glory etc.). We recognise that living pure lives is not easy but it remains our goal, a goal towards which we are constantly working.

Our views on Worship:
Graham Kendrick once said ".. it seem remarkable to me that so much of the conversation, discussion and disagreement about worship within churches is actually concerned with our own personal preferences." "A neutral observer to these disputes might easily go away believing that worship is conducted purely for the benefit and satisfaction of the participants."
We at Cotton End Baptist Church strongly believe that worship is not purely for the benefit and satisfaction of the participants, but is an offering primarily for God. As we offer our worship to God, we are given the richest experience in our lives.

Worship is our response to God's self-revelation. Because Almighty God has revealed himself (through creation, through Scripture, through Jesus Christ), we respond in worship.
A designated prayer meeting is held alternate Sundays at 6pm. There is also a prayer request book in the entrance for listing specific prayer needs to be prayer for during the morning worship service.

For more details on prayer at CEBC, or if you would like us to pray for something for you please contact us.

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