Cotton End Baptist Church

Sunday Services

Our worship can best be described as evangelical & charismatic in style, using a mixture of contemporary and traditional worship songs. Our services can be lively, joyful events, but we also take time to be reflective. We have all-age events, prayer events and youth events within our regular calendar.

Why not come and join us, we meet: Sundays at 10:30am

The first Sunday of each month (apart from August) is Messy Church, where everyone joins together briefly before those getting 'messy' go to the hall for the activities. Those not getting 'messy' remain in the church for an informal Bible Study. Later all join together for reflection before sharing in a meal together

  6:00pm (Prayer Meeting or Bible Study on Alternate Weeks)  All are welcome to join in with these

 Bible Study is held at someone's home very close to the church on a regular basis. Details can be obtained via church contact information or announced at morning worship. 

A home group is also held on two Tuesdays a month by arrangement. Details as above.

We would love to See you


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