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An opportunity to explore the meaning of life



What is The Alpha Course
Looking for answers? The Alpha course is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed, non-threatening manner over ten, thought-provoking weekly sessions.


It's low key, friendly and fun. And it's supported by all the main Christian denominations.


You're not on your own either. More than 2 million people worldwide have completed the Alpha course.


It consists of a series of talks addressing key issues relating to the Christian faith. Then in discussion time you have the chance to ask your questions and express your opinions.


So join us on a journey of discovery. There's a course running at Cotton End Baptist Church and at many churches across Bedford.


When and Where?
Come to an Alpha Supper. For 1 evening to enjoy a meal and find out what Alpha is about.


For enquiries, contact us by email:  or visit the Contact / Find Us page for further details.

Come to an Alpha Course. For 1 evening a week for 10 weeks plus a Saturday.

These start at 7.00 pm with a meal. Then a talk on that nights subject. Followed by refreshments. Then your opportunity to express your opinions and ask any questions you have. We finish promptly by 9.30. These groups usually have about 10 people and meet in someone's home. We regularly run courses often on Tuesdays evenings or Thursdays. If you want to join one that meets during the day that may be possible too. Feel free to ask.


Alpha runs in every type of church, including: Anglican, Roman Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Salvation Army, Free Church, Pentecostal, Assemblies of God and House Churches - All the churches provide the same material, making alterations only to suit local culture. You are welcome to do the Alpha course at Cotton End Baptist Church. Or if you want to attend one somewhere else we are happy to help you locate one of the many other courses. You can also click on


What does Alpha Stand for?


A ANYONE INTERESTED in finding out more about life & the Christian
faith is welcome.
L LEARNING & LAUGHTER. We learn about the
Christian faith & have fun too.
P PASTA & PUDDING. Eating together gives us an opportunity to get to know each other.
ONE ANOTHER. Small groups let you discuss issues raised in the
A ASK ANYTHING. No question is regarded as too simple or too
hostile. Ask away!


 Why do people come?

  • to find out if God exists?
  • to find out why are we here?
  • find out if there is any point to life!
  • what happens after death?
  • some people may have gone to church on and off but never understood the basics.
  • some people come just to keep their spouses happy!
  • Others come to make friends.

What ever the reason, Alpha can help you find the answers


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