Cotton End Baptist Church

Children and Youth Work

Stepping Stones

When: Sunday morning 10:45 to 11:45am

Where: Church Hall

Age: From 3 years

The Sunday morning programme for children at Cotton End Baptist Church - Activities with music, dance, drama, stories, crafts, fun and much more…

We meet at 10.30 in the church, joining with everyone else for the first part of the service then the children go in to the hall for their own activities.
For children from 3 years old to those in Year 8, this is a fun, action packed programme for a Sunday Morning. Please come and join in the fun!
There is a corner beside the entrance to the worship area available with seating and quiet toys for parents and young children.
There is no crèche facility but a room is available with a video link for parents who wish to take their little ones under 3 from the worship service to a more private space. 
This is in the vestry accessible through the main worship area 

To have fun in a caring and friendly environment.
To allow parents to enjoy the service.
To be creative whilst sowing the seed of the Christian faith.

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