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Welcome to Cotton End Baptist Church...

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We are a small fellowship of about 35 people, which enjoys spending time together. We worship on Sunday mornings at 10.30am in the church and have a mixed style of worship, integrating the old with the new. In our services you will find this variety. We sometimes like to laugh and be noisy, but also sing hymns and choruses, are silent for a while,  listen to God's word, and pray to God as we reflect on ourselves and the world. After our services we invite people to share a cup of tea/ coffee (or juice) as they are able. On Sunday Evenings at 6pm, we meet for prayer and Bible Study in local homes. We also have a variety of activities during the week to meet the needs of all age groups. 

As Christians, we believe that God exists not only in the quiet spaces in our lives, but is also found in the busyness of modern life. We recognise that this means we have to adapt to survive the many challenges of a contemporary world. Whatever each of us do in life, we encourage and pray for each other to discover God more fully. 

Wherever you come from, your background or your faith journey, we believe that you are created and loved by God. His wonderful gift of love to us is revealed in the life of Jesus, written about in the gospels. He communicates with people as they pray, read the Bible and spend time with other people. As we discover more about our faith, we listen and respond to God in everyday activity, in word, song and our prayers. We invite you to explore our website further and if you like what you see, come and spend a little time with us one Sunday. 

You can be sure of a good welcome.

Kate Young,





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